Wedding in Istria: the large guide brings everything about the region, wedding venues, location and gastronomy

Istria is increasingly being mentioned as one of the most recognizable regions in Europe for a wedding.

To the extent that it is already being compared to French Provence and Italian Tuscany.

Although these regions still have primacy, the beauty and colorfulness of Istria contributes to the fact that many couples from all over the world choose Istria.

Namely, where else in the world can you get married in a Roman amphitheater or a castle in nature, and at the same time enjoy romantic Rovinj and superb Istrian gastronomy.

See the largest wedding guide in Istria. You can learn about wedding venues and locations, gastronomy, prices, agencies

For a small introduction to the wedding story, first learn a few things about beautiful Istria.

Magical Istria: the most developed tourist region in Croatia

Istria has a great tradition in tourism that goes back to the former state.

In the last 10 years or so, a serious tourist offer has been added in the form of great hotels, holiday homes, restaurants, aquaparks, events…

It’s no wonder that tourist hotspots like Rovinj, Poreč, Umag, Pula and Medulin record millions of guests and overnight stays.

In addition to the coastal towns, the interior is equally attractive, so towns like Motovun, Svetvinčent and Buja are real discoveries.

Old town in Rovinj, Istria

Location and connectivity

The great advantage of Istria is its proximity to European centers. Italy is close at hand, and Austria and the southern parts of Germany are not too far either. Since it requires only a few hours of driving due to the constructed highway network, guests from these countries often visit Istria by car.

On the other hand, the air connection is also excellent, and guests usually decide to go to Pula airport.

Strong alternatives are the airports in Venice, Trieste and Rijeka.

Climate and sea

The mild Mediterranean climate is one of the great assets of this region.

Snow almost never falls, except during winters inland.

Temperatures in summer are over 30 degrees, and in winter they rarely fall below 0 degrees Celsius.

For the average person, the sea is suitable for swimming from May to October. However, it should be noted that braver locals swim throughout the year.

In the southern parts of Istria, in Pula and Medulin, it rarely rains.

Tourist season

The tourist season starts shyly from Easter, heats up from May and lasts until October or November, depending on the weather. Peak season is July and August.

Traditionally, the most numerous guests are Germans, Austrians, Italians and Slovenians. The share of Poles, Czechs, Hungarians, Swiss, Russians is significant, while the number of Americans, Britons, etc. is growing rapidly.


The accommodation options are really rich, and we can say that accommodation at the level of 3 and 4 stars prevails. The luxury component is increasingly represented, so 5-star accommodations are popping up so quickly.

The most represented categories of accommodation on the coast are hotels and apartments, while holiday homes are very popular inland.

Things to do in Istria

It does not belong to a destination that offers only sun and sea, especially in the peak season.

Whether you are a fan of food, sports, adrenaline, culture or water attractions, you can find something for yourself in Istria.

Some of the most famous attractions are concerts in the Arena, ATP tournament in Umag, Sea Star festival, visits to aquaparks, water attractions (jet ski), adrenaline parks, wine tours, cooking classes…

Weddings venues and locations in Istria

Istria is full of enchanting locations for weddings.

Namely, the diversity of this region allows you to choose an amphitheater, a castle, an island or beautiful towns inland for your wedding.

Places by the sea and on the islands are especially popular.

The most attractive locations for weddings in Istria.

Amphitheater, Pula

It belongs to one of the most attractive wedding locations in the whole world.

It was built in the 1st century, during the reign of Emperor Vespasian. It is the only remaining Roman amphitheater to have four side towers entirely preserved.

It is elliptical in shape, with a main axis 130 meters long and a shorter axis 100 meters long.

Pula Amphitheatar

It used to host gladiator fights, and today it is home to many exclusive music and sports events.

The most beautiful open stage in the world, every summer this amphitheater attracts world concert stars such as Foo Fighters, Robbie Williams, Avril Lavigne, Imagine Dragons, Simply Red, Norah Jones, Eros Ramazzotti…

Recently, this monument attracts more and more private ceremonies, and weddings stand out in particular. So far, couples from the USA, India, Bosnia have married there…

Belaj Castle, Cerovlje

A place that takes your breath away primarily because of the surrounding nature and the view of the vineyards and the Učka mountain.

The property itself consists of a castle, founded in 1575 by the noble Barbo family, two annexes built in the 19th century and a magnificent vineyard.

Castle Belaj

There are 4 halls for events, and the largest, the outdoor one, can accommodate up to 200 people.

Belaj Castle also attracts numerous weddings, especially for lovers of history, wine, nature and a combination of outdoor and indoor weddings.

Brijuni Islands, Fažana

This beautiful archipelago is located a few kilometers west of the Istrian coast, opposite the small town of Fažana, and consists of 2 islands and 12 islets.

The Brijuni Islands have long been and remain synonymous with glamour. At the beginning of the 20th century, Austrian Archduke Franz Ferdinand, painter Gustav Klimt, composer Richard Strauss, writers George Bernard Shaw and Thomas Mann rested here.

Brijuni island

However, the real boom of the archipelago began in the 1950s, when Josip Broz, the president of the former Yugoslavia, hosted 90 statesmen from 60 countries on Brioni.

It is certainly considered one of the best wedding venues in Croatia. You can enjoy the sea air and the sunset, while staying in one of the luxurious accommodations on this island.

Kaštel Morosini Grimani, Svetvinčenat

The symbol of the small town of Svetvinčenat, located in the heart of Istria.

This is the best-preserved castle in Istria, and it was recently completely renovated. It is located in the very center of this picturesque Istrian town.

Kastel Morosini Grimani, Svetvincenat

The castle was created, and throughout history it was extended, combining three functions of this type of building: farming, agricultural economy and, of course, a defensive role.

It is considered an attractive location for various events, and has recently attracted a large number of weddings.

Unlike other locations, it is located in the interior of Istria, so it attracts lovers of nature, greenery, small towns and history for weddings.

Hotel Amfiteatar, Pula

A view of the Roman amphitheater, a menu from the best chef in Croatia, close to the Pula waterfront. Can you imagine anything better than this for your wedding?

Accommodation with one of the best locations in Croatia. It was recently completely renovated, so you have the feeling that you are staying in an exclusive hotel at the level of 4 or 5 stars.

Namely, 50 meters away is the enchanting Roman Amphitheater, after which the hotel got its name.

Hotel Amfiteatar in Pula, Istria

In the immediate vicinity are the waterfront, the beautiful Tito Park and the old town center of Pula.

Due to its capacity, the hotel Amfiteatar is suitable exclusively for small weddings of up to 50 people.

Its great advantage is that the newlyweds can do part of the ceremony or at least take pictures in the roman Amphitheater itself. Also, newlyweds often choose this hotel as accommodation for weddings in Pula and the surrounding area.

They have a top gourmet offer, so they are hired for private dinners, catering and wedding dinners all over Croatia (from Umag and Split to Dubrovnik and Zagreb) and abroad.

Wedding prices

The price of weddings in Croatia is still acceptable for most newlyweds, but with a pronounced tendency to increase.

In Istria, the price of a chair with included food and drink per person ranges from 80 to 120 euros.

This does not include accessories such as lighting, fruit and chocolate details and other items…

The price for an average wedding per person in Istria is 180 euros, which for 100 people costs a minimum of 18,000 euros.

Luxury weddings start from 200 euros per person, and can of course reach many times higher…

The most expensive items refer to photographers, bands, rings, cakes…

Thus, the prices of bands and photographers start from 2,500 euros, rings from 700 euros and cakes from 15 euros.

Specialized agencies: who you can hire?!

The most important items in a wedding are the planning and coordination of the wedding (wedding planner) and the selection of food for the wedding, so we will focus on that here.

Wedding food and catering

Istria Cooking has been offering the organization of wedding dinners, catering and sweets in the form of cakes and pastries for about 10 years.

They have a team of over 10 people, which includes coordinators, chefs, waiters and bartenders.

They work all over Croatia and beyond, so they did catering and weddings in Rijeka, Opatija, Pula, Rovinj, Poreč, Umag, Crikvenica, Zadar, Split, Dubrovnik…

They are one of the few on the market that create a menu completely according to the wishes of the newlyweds. This means that I can prepare various cuisines (Mediterranean, Croatian, Asian, Scandinavian, etc.) and dishes.

Also, they have a person in the team specially responsible for special diets, so they can prepare vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, halal and kosher menus.

In addition to the classic presentation of dishes in the form of courses, they also offer catering, street food and barbecue varieties.

Tartar cones by Istria Cooking, wedding catering
Home made pasta with istrian ox beef
Wedding catering by Istria Cooking
Meat, fish and vegan street food by Istria Cooking, wedding catering
Chocolate fudge by Istria Cooking, wedding dessert

Wedding planners

There are several good agencies for wedding organization, so you will hardly make a mistake in your choice.

What makes Wedding in Istria stand out is the personalization, availability and attention to detail in order to provide the newlyweds with an unforgettable experience.

They provide a complete wedding service that includes planning, coordination, decorations, invitations, etc. They also organize honeymoons all over Istria and Croatia.


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