Fine dining in Pula: a touch of haute gastronomy in the south of Istria

Probably the best way to experience Istria is through gastronomy. People are somewhat fed up with classic restaurant tours and are looking for new gastronomic experiences.

Thus, private dinners, cooking courses, cooking shows and gastro tours are becoming increasingly popular.

Fine dining in a new guise

One of the few restaurants in Istria that can offer you something different is the Amfiteatar restaurant.

Although fine dining is nothing new, they present it in a modern guise.

Namely, in addition to the pre-made courses, you can contact us with your wishes, that is, choose the cuisine (Istrian, Mediterranean, French, Asian) and desired dishes. In addition, vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free dishes are available, which are presented in the spirit of haute gastronomy.

In addition, the chef prepares the dishes in front of you, which is another additional point of interest.

The head chef is none other than Deniz Zembo, a celebrated chef who ran a restaurant in London, cooked for presidential delegations and the Vatican, and was the first to bring molecular gastronomy to Croatia.

Additional information

Reservations are possible through their website or by emailing or by calling +385 91 615 6086.


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