A beautiful boat trip in Pula: from dolphins and Brijuni to the magnificent island beach

Boat trips are always a beautiful adventure, and this one was really special.

One of the most popular tourist activities in Pula is certainly boat trips around the Brijuni national park.

We decided on an afternoon trip from 6-9pm, which included sailing to Brijuni island, dinner and “hanging out” with dolphins.

The whole experience comes to about 50 euros per person, which is a good ratio between the price and what you experience on this excursion.

The trip was arranged by the agency and the ship Korkyra, and you can contact them for your boat excursions as well.

Port of Pula: a special sea experience

Upon arrival at the ship, we were greeted by friendly staff, and then guide Larisa, who was approachable and informative, took over the baton.

When you set sail from the coast, you see a completely different perspective of Pula. The beautiful roman amphitheater dominates the scenery, but there is also the old town center, fortress Kaštel and fascinating shipyard.

After setting sail from the port of Pula, we arrive at St. Jerolim, a small island that belongs to the Brijuni archipelago.

We are joined by a group from the small island who took a longer trip that lasts 5 hours and includes swimming on the beach.

The very arrival on the small island and the view of the beautiful beach from the sea leads us to the conclusion that next time we must not miss this part of the trip.

The magical islands of Brijuni

While we sailed on and enjoyed the view of the coast and islets, Larisa told us the story of Brijuni.

For three decades, the delegation of President Tito was on this beautiful island. Many celebrities like Sophia Loren, Richard Burton, Elizabeth Taylor came to Brijuni as his guests…

Even today, beautiful nature and facilities such as a safari park with exotic animals attract tourists from all over the world.

Dolphin watching

The most interesting experience of the excursion is definitely the search for dolphins in the open sea.

The guide tells us that they are seen in 95% of cases, and we were lucky as we saw them many times on our tour.

Close encounter with dolphins is something special, and these beautiful animals always leave you breathless.

Dinner at sunset

Eating at sea is a special experience. Those who have tried it know why. They offer a meat, fish and vegan menu. Since we are at the sea, the most logical choice for us was fish and we were not wrong.

While we were eating, a special experience was the seagulls that approached us at a distance of 1 meter in search of food.

Return to the port of Pula

The excursion passed quickly, and the darkness was slowly beginning to descend. It was time to hurry back to the port of Pula. The last moments of the excursion were brightened by illuminated cranes from the shipyard, which in the evening are a lure for tourists on the Pula waterfront.


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